IRC Irrigation Rules


Effective March 8, 2009, new rules for landscape irrigation imposed by the St. Johns River Management District go into effect. Landscape irrigation will be limited to two days during daylight savings time and one day the rest of the year. No irrigation is allowed between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The new rules also set the days of the week that residential users can irrigate during daylight savings time. Those days are:

  • Wednesday and Saturday at odd-numbered addresses.
  • Thursday and Sunday at even-numbered addresses.

The rest of the year (non daylight savings time), irrigation is limited to one day a week as follows:

  • Saturdays at odd-numbered addresses.
  • Sundays at even-numbered addresses.

Irrigation will be limited to ¾ inch of water per irrigation zone and no more than 1 hour per zone.

The most effective method of determining the amount of water being dispersed is to place containers in the irrigation zones, measure the amount of water collected, and adjust the run time of the zones to achieve ½ to ¾ inch of water. In the alternative, use the following guidelines to adjust your system. Irrigation zones with pop-up sprinklers that do not rotate are designed to water small areas and should not operate more than 15 minutes. These heads put out significantly more water per square foot than the rotating heads. The irrigation of the turf between the sidewalk and curb is an example of this type of zone. Zones with rotating heads are designed to water large areas and will get adequate water if set for not more than 45 minutes.



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